Don't Panic

from by Lampray

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Meanwhile, the bleach bottle spaceship drifts away from Humanity, Earth and reality towards more adventures. It's a magical world, let's go exploring !


Pendant ce temps, la bouteille Mir dérive au loin. Loin de l'Humanité, de la Terre, et de la réalité, vers d'autres aventures. Le monde est magique, allons l'explorer !



- Yes... Yes. This is a fertile land and we will thrive!
We will rule over all this land
And we will call it... "This land".
- I think we should call it "Your Grave"!
- Ah! Curse your sudden but unevitable betrayal!
- Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh. Now die!
- Ahhh God!

I spent time in that white room where I’ve been bleeding to death
I spent time in that dark gloom, looking through the window
Some colorfull fabrics inside spinning round
Hypnotizing me, oh hypnotizing me

Now this is so far
Boring room, I escaped my fate
So I chose every step that I take
I guess this is living, being free
Free satellite me
Plastic jar in a 4D sea

Free satellite me
Plastic jar in a 4D sea
Panel arm harvesting my energy
Autotrophic garbage spaceship

Tickled by lil’neutrinos, feeling
Their Cerenkov effect in me
I try to resonnate with them but
They let me bleeping on my own.

No limits to my ride
Enjoying my trip in the sky
Hi to the zeplins of Whirl
Russell’s tea pot by my side
Never ending cosmic day
Time were my friend all the way
Never fading cosmic play

Singularity’s closing by
Didn’t expect to end up here
I sink in timespace distortion
I feel quartered my mind gets fuzzy
it’s a… trap

Now, this is so far far far
Now, I’m Mir with the stars stars stars
I drift in a 4D sea
Look, real is so far far far

- Wow, it really snowed last night, isn’t it wonderful ?
- Everything familiar has disappeared ! The word looks brand-new !
- A new year… A fresh, clean, start !
- It’s like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on !
- A day full of possibilities. It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy… Let’s go exploring !

Let’s go exploring
It’s a new world, a fresh clean start.
Go !

"Hello IT... Have you tried to turn it off and on again?"


from Récif Écho Rail, released May 18, 2016
- Firefly - Episode 1 - 2002
- Portal 2 - Valve - 2011
- Calvin & Hobbes #3150 - 31 Dec 1995 - The last strip
- The IT crowd


all rights reserved



Lampray Lyon, France

We’re a… patchwork metal band (hard to be more precise about the genre since we’re not very sure ourselves), telling absurd stories that take their roots in science, video games, and fantastic literature.

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